Mentholatum [Transvestite Mimji]

Mentholatum is a secret medicine that is applied to the hole in the buttocks.

I bought it at a pharmacy in the neighborhood.

I've been sick for the last two months or so, but I've recovered.

I would like to resume transvestites.

It is a mentholatum, but the hole in the buttocks is hot and sizzling atmosphere.

I will use it because it is good.

It may be a good thing to add more enemas to this.

Maid's Leg [Transvestite Ming]

It is a maid after a long time.









It is a back shot of the leg.

I think the legs are longer.

It is not related, but I bought a mentholatum and tried painting it on my ass.

At first, it was like cold, but it felt like my buttocks were burning, like it was burning up gradually.

I like it personally, so I will continue to use it.